Months 4, 5, and 6, with Madelyn

Ok…, I realize I’m behind. I had very good intentions on the 16th of March…then the 16th of April, and it just never happened. So…here I am, on the 16th of May, updating you about all things Madelyn.

Here’s month Four…


And month Five…


And now month Six…


weight: Around 14 pounds. We had to go to the doctor a few weeks ago for an infection in her sweet little rolly poly legs, and they weighed her then.

length: Not entirely sure, but she has really gotten long…getting close to extending from her car seat.

diaper size: Size 2

clothing size: Anywhere from 6-9 months. She’s getting big fast!

nicknames: Madiloohoo, Roo Roo

health: Great! A little stuffy the last few days, but other than that she’s been in perfect health.

sleep: Wonderful! Been sleeping through the night consistently since about a month old. I don’t remember the last time we were up in the night with her.


diet: Still nursing several times a day, but supplementing formula as my milk supply is working its way back.

baby gear love: She loves her little frog seat. She’s a lot more floppy and not as content to sit as Jasen was, so the Bumbo hasn’t been as successful with her.

baby gear hate: I can’t really think of anything at the moment.

likes: She is absolutely enthralled with her brother and daddy. Pretty sure she thinks they both hung the moon. As rotten as Jasen is to her sometimes, she just loves it and lets him play rough. She’s going to be a tough little girl. Jasen has decided he kinda likes her alright, too. She thinks Sophie is pretty cool. She also loves her feet, and how she gets those chubby little legs up to her mouth, I’m not quite sure.

dislikes: Not a fan of not getting to eat right when she wants to. Car seat is hit or miss. Sometimes she likes it and does great, others not so much.

milestones: She is rolling like crazy, getting a start on crawling, and starting to sit up on her own.

things we have done in the last month: Wellll, let’s just call this the “catch-up” section where I recap everything that’s happened the last three months.

We have been to the park quite a bit:


Jasen and Madelyn both went to their first baseball game:


We celebrated our first Easter as a family of four:



Then Mother’s Day, we celebrated her baby dedication:


And Jasen is alllll about cars, trucks, or anything that goes “vrooooom!”


Hope you enjoyed catching up with the Crouches 🙂


3 Months


weight: 10 pounds, 13 ounces

length: 21 inches

diaper size: Size 1

clothing size: Still in 0-3 month clothing for the most part.

nicknames: Madiloo, Sister, Sister Sue

Here she is talking to Dad 🙂


health: Overall very healthy. We had our first bout of sickness with a little cough, but doing very well for the most part. She hasn’t had any fever from the cough, and has still been very happy. She may be starting to teethe already…SO. MUCH. DROOL.

sleep: GREAT. Seriously, my babies LOVE their sleep, and I’m most certainly not complaining. It’s been more than a month since we’ve been up with Madelyn during the night. I can get a good 12 hours each night out of both kiddos.

diet: Breast milk only, still. I’m very grateful that we have been able to do this so successfully. It’s also nice to know that when she is trying to fight something off that my body is making something perfect to fight off whatever is ailing her.

baby gear love: We have really enjoyed using the stroller the last week or so, and I’ll be glad when she’s bigger and they can both ride in their wagon. I also really like my Medela manual breast pump–one of the best things ever.

baby gear hate: Car seats. I obviously realize their importance, but they’re not always the most convenient. It will be great when she’s a little bigger and we can leave her car seat in the car more often when we get out places.

likes: She likes to use the bottle. I think she feels that it’s easier than mom sometimes.

dislikes: Madelyn isn’t a huge fan of her car seat. If we’re moving she’s usually ok, but heaven forbid we stop at a red light.

milestones: She is starting to work on sitting up. She likes to look at everyone and everything. Such a happy girl. Now that she’s hit the 3 month mark, I’m trying to figure out what to do in the sleeping department. As soon as Jasen turned 3 months, we made the transition to the crib and it was the hardest thing for me personally. They’re going to share a room for a bit though, so her crib is currently in the room with Jasen’s bed. I’m not quite ready I don’t think to make the switch just yet.

things we have done in the last month: I feel like a ton has happened in the last month, but I honestly just don’t remember it all. Big brother had a birthday (CARS, of course), Uncle Aaron turned 30, and celebrated her first Valentine’s Day!

Madelyn’s First Valentine’s Day 🙂


At Uncle Aaron’s Birthday Party


TWO Months with Madelyn


weight: Probably around 10 pounds. We’ll go back for her 2 month check-up on the 24th and will know for sure then.

length: Not sure…again, we’ll know on the 24th.

diaper size: Size 1. Luvs just work really well for my children, apparently. Madelyn has had multiple diapers that should have achieved “blowout” status, that have totally remained under control thanks to loves. And luck for us, Luvs are way cheaper than most other diaper options.

clothing size: 0-3, still some newborn items. I wish there wasn’t so much inconsistency among children’s clothing (and adult clothing as well).

nicknames: Sister Girl, Madilooloo

health: Great! She’s been doing very well.

sleep: Pretty good! She’s been sleeping through the night for about 2 weeks now. She stirs sometimes during the night but usually goes back to sleep.

diet: Breastfeeding still and doing great. I don’t really know how much milk is normal to have, but I guess we’ve been doing pretty well. I had enough saved up for Madelyn to be taken care of while I’m out of town in New Orleans for leadership conference…it’s a lot of work to be a breastfeeding mama, but we’re making it work. Here’s to hoping she’ll still like me when I get home. Haha.

baby gear love: Still loving the MOBY wrap.

baby gear hate: Hmm…nothing is coming to me at the moment.

likes: She’s fine with the bottle and I’m so glad. It makes things much easier to

dislikes: Paci. It’s more of a love/hate.

milestones: She is smiling a lot, following and concentrating on objects very well. Holding her head up, and beginning to put more pressure on her legs when we hold her up. She’s starting to sleep through the night consistently which is a plus. She’s staying a week away from me for the first time and doing very well. She also hasn’t died with the perils of having an older brother, so that’s a plus.

things we have done in the last month:

played with friends

first Christmas

fun with dad

wearing mommy’s clothes for the first time 🙂


mommy and daddy date nights

smiling baby 🙂

breastmilk baby…coma

Got a cousin


First snow day…and no, at this moment, there is no longer a turkey on my door.


Madelyn is already learning to share her toys.


And what do you know…she was wearing a pampers diaper, had a blowout, and we had to resort to build-a-bear clothes.


brother and sister both made new friends 🙂



Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

ONE Month with Madelyn


Madelyn has officially been here for ONE whole month. Crazy. They always tell you how fast it goes, but it’s not until you have kids when you realize how fast it really does go. We’re making it pretty well as a family of 4. We have had a few moments, but overall, things are going very smoothly. I feel like I’m in a constant state of preparation. Preparing to get here, get there, do the bags have enough diapers and wipes?, snacks?, change of clothes?, do I nurse now? pump? …you get the picture. The preparation, though, has made all the difference. The more prepared I am, the more successful we are getting through the day.

weight: Probably around 8.5-9 pounds

length: Probably right around 21 inches.

diaper size: Size 1…hopefully she’s in them for a while considering we have a TON left. With as much as this girl poops, that probably won’t be a problem. I can pretty positively say that there’s only been about 5 diapers without poop during the entire first month of her life.

clothing size: Some NB size are too small and some still fit well. Some 0-3 fit well, but still mostly too big, so we’re just waiting to get into those all the way.

nicknames: Sister Girl, Toot


health: Great! Very healthy and have somehow avoided sickness with a constant runny-nosed brother.

sleep: Not too bad. She sleeps 5-6 hour stretches through the night, and sometimes more. This past Monday, she slept through the night for the first time. I also don’t know how we have managed this, BUT Jasen’s normal nap time is roughly 1:30-5 every afternoon…and Madelyn has decided she likes napping at the same time. Every day for the last two weeks, The have napped at the SAME EXACT TIME, and it’s probably the biggest thing keeping me sane 🙂

diet: Breastmilk only so far. She does really well with me and with a bottle, so that makes it a little easier. I haven’t really noticed anything that I’m eating that affects her negatively either.

baby gear love: I’ve decided that the MOBY Wrap is a MUST for all mothers with two children. It makes outings WAY easier. I also believe that a hand pump for all nursing mothers is one of the best inventions. I never would have thought to get one had a friend not gotten one for me, but I’m so glad she did. Makes the first month so much easier as your body is adjusting to the nursing process (i.e. when everything hurts like crazy, it’s nice to control what’s happening).


likes: Her blanket, bassinet, being held, bath time, mommy, daddy, brother…I guess she’s pretty easy to please at this point in time. She also doesn’t hate having her diaper changed, which to me is a major win.

dislikes: Her swing (total opposite of Jasen), and she has a love/hate relationship with her paci. She’ll take it from time to time, but she never wants to keep it in her mouth for very long.

milestones: She is holding her head up pretty well and follows faces and objects very well. She is always very attentive to what’s happening around her.

things we have done in the last month: Met Santa, had first Thanksgiving, and stayed alive (avoiding the perils of big brother).


Here was our first night without both children at Feast of Carols in Harrison last weekend


Here we go…taking on MONTH TWO!

Week 1. Baby Madelyn has Arrived!


Here we are at one week old and one week post-partum 🙂 Ready to tackle the world!


Well, it’s one week today since Madelyn arrived, so I figured I’d go ahead and give everyone an update on what’s been happening in our lives.

Wednesday morning November 16th started very early for us. I woke up around 4:15 that morning to prepare for the day ahead. It was baby day, and I had to be ready. Haha. We had scheduled induction for that day, so we were preparing to call the hospital at 5:30, make sure they had room for us, and then go in at 6:00 to get things rolling.

Getting ready that morning, there were lots of anxious feelings floating through my head… “How does this whole induction thing work?” “Will they have room for us when I call?” “How long will this last?” “How will Jasen do with this new adjustment?” and “How long will we need to stay in the hospital?” etc..etc..With Jasen, I was scheduled to be induced at 40 weeks and 5 days, but my water broke on day 4, so I basically went into labor on my own, so I was a little more anxious to be induced. Everyone always wants to share their horror stories…especially when it comes to pregnancy, so I just tried to block out the fact that just because others have had difficult induction experiences did not mean we were going to. 5:30 rolled around, we called the hospital, they had room for us, so off to the hospital we went!


Here’s us in the hospital parking lot at 6:00 a.m. ready to go inside and start the day!

We arrived a touch after 6:00 a.m. and got checked in. After checking in, they got us sent up to floor 3 of Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center (which I’ll go ahead and interject right here that I know people seem to have a lot of negative to say about SMRMC, but I don’t have a single bad thing to say. My experiences there have all be fabulous). We walked through the big doors at the end of the maternity floor and into labor and delivery.

We got settled into L&D room 2 and proceeded to get the whole process started. Change, get in the bed, blood pressure cuff, fetal heart rate monitor, paperwork, meal selections, answer a bunch of questions, IV (which thankfully only had to be done once), and pitocin to get those contractions going. When we had arrived at the hospital, I was just shy of 4 cm.

Left: Landen making his meal selections while my stomach was grumbling. haha.

Right: Getting ready to become a family of four 🙂


Jasen was preparing to be a big brother!

Buffy was our nurse for the day, and I honestly don’t think we could have had anyone more fabulous. Very very grateful for her and she did such a fabulous job all day long. After getting the IV, Dr. Nelson came in around 8:30 to break my water. When they broke my water, there was already a little meconium that she had expressed. They let us know that it would more than likely not be a big deal as long as she came out and gave us a good cry (which she did, very loudly–grateful for that, and no problems for her at all).

Shortly after he broke my water, contractions started picking up pretty well. They said I could get the epidural whenever I was ready. With the contractions getting stronger and stronger, I was ready pretty quickly. Haha. The anesthesiologist did a great job administering the epidural, and was MUCH more friendly than the anesthesiologist I had with Jasen.

By this time, our families had arrived, our pastor was there to pray with us all, and we began the waiting process.

Once the epidural got going, it was probably around 9:30 or so. I had progressed to about a 5-6 at this point. It helped take the edge off the pain and numbed me up pretty good. Within the following hour, however, things started moving pretty quickly. Even through the epidural, I began to have (and still feel) pretty strong contractions. When I mentioned that, she checked again around 10:20-10:30ish and I had already progressed to an 8. I was pretty consistently feeling all the contractions–the epidural just helped take the edge off the pain. Buffy told me at that point that if I began to feel any pressure to push to let her know. The scrub tech came in around this time to start setting up for when she arrived. I was pretty oblivious at this point about how quickly things were actually moving. My labor with Jasen was 16 hours from water-breakage to birth, which I thought was actually pretty fast, so I didn’t really know to expect any differently.

Around 11:15 or so, I called Buffy in to let her know that I was starting to feel more pressure. Everyone cleared out at that point for her to check me. She checked and didn’t say anything….but shortly thereafter, they got everything set up for me to start pushing. It was baby time. We pushed a few times when I heard them say “let’s go ahead and call him (Dr. Nelson).” They had a hard time getting him at first, but when they did, he started heading our way. Buffy had told me only to breathe during the contractions that followed…basically because our doctor wouldn’t have made in time had we kept pushing. Haha. When he walked in, everyone got right to work. I can’t recall exactly, but I’m pretty sure I only went through 2 sets of pushes and she had arrived. 11:43 a.m., 8 pounds, 20 3/4 inches. Pure perfection. From water-breakage to birth with Madelyn only took around 3 hours.



You’d think he just gave birth or something. haha.


All in all, I seriously love everything about childbirth. I’m so grateful to have two very healthy and happy kiddos. Jasen wasn’t overly thrilled when she got here just because things were so different, having to see me in the hospital and all, but he has adjusted very well since we’ve been home.

A few things about Madelyn:

She is a super sleeper, just like her brother was. We’ve only had to be up at most 3 times per night since she was born. The last two nights, she’s only been up once or twice.

She’s nursing very well. Adjusting to that this time has also been a much easier process. It helps having a little more knowledge of what to expect.

She toots like crazy. No lie. Seriously has the worst gas in the world. I call her toot-squeak, because she’s also very squeaky/noisy. She sounds like a cat most of the time and has to make noise every time she moves.

She has what look like perfectly groomed fingernails on dainty little hands. She also has petite long and narrow little feet.

She loves everyone. She’s fine to be held, fine to be laid down, and basically puts herself to sleep. She doesn’t need a paci or rocking.

She sneezes all the time…and it’s usually not just one sneeze. It’s pretty much always a double sneeze.

She has a full head of dark hair, although she’s a lot more business in the front, party in the back.

She’s practically perfect in every way and we love her very much!


Megan came to take pictures for us


Right before her bath

Seeing Madelyn for the first time

Grandparents love her, of course


Jasen finally decided he wanted to see mommy


Flowers that Jasen brought me 🙂

Jasen, Madelyn, and Daddy with the bears we made for them


Door hanger I made for Madelyn and our hospital room #347


Jasen was “helping” Buffy check on Mommy 🙂

Mommy and Daddy with Madelyn


Daddy changing her first dirty diaper–he was thrilled with all the black tarry poop.


Baby toes 🙂

Ready to go home 🙂


They may be related 🙂 Madelyn on the left and Jasen on the right

I apologize if these thoughts and events all seem really scattered…my brain has been a little busy lately. Haha 🙂 Thank you to everyone who has followed our pregnancy journey. It has been a blast, and we are grateful for all your thoughts, prayers, and well-wishes on the arrival of Miss Madelyn to our family!

40 Weeks–Due Date, No Baby


Weeks: 40. Let’s just say, my babies like to be well done.

Baby: Baby is about the size of a Jackfruit (seriously, they need to come up with better/more common comparisons), weighing anywhere from 6-9 pounds and measuring 19-22 inches.

Total weight gain: Not sure…we’re gonna say 45.

Maternity clothes? Yep, but not much longer, hallelujah.                                 

Stretch marks? Yes.

Sleep: I’ve been getting up about 2-3 times every night for the last week.

Favorite moment of the week: Just getting everything done. There’s a huge sense of accomplishment when you know you’ve basically got everything done for baby that needs to be done.

Miss anything? Not at this point, because I know all those things will come back very soon 🙂

Movement: Yep. Lots and lots of movement.

Cravings? Hmm…nothing really stands out this week I don’t suppose.

Anything make you queasy or sick? Empty stomach. I’ve been so hungry all the time lately, and I start to feel queasy on an empty stomach.

Gender prediction: Girl. Bring on the bows.

Labor signs: We’ve had a few days where we thought she was going to come. I’d start having some harder labor pains/signs, but after several hours, it would all go away.           

Symptoms: Everything under the sun.                                           

Belly button in or out? Out.

Wedding rings on or off? Off. 

Mood: I’m basically a basket case right now. Thinking about bringing another baby into the world, as well as my last days with Jasen as an only child. I’m pretty sure I’ve cried all morning long.

Looking forward to: Having Madelyn 🙂

Freak-out moment of the weekNot really a freak-out, but we have gotten so much accomplished around our house and it feels fabulous to get everything done! It may have been accomplished in freak-out mode, just because of the sense of urgency there was to get it all done.

Thankful for: A long, healthy pregnancy. I’ve been so blessed to have such great pregnancies with zero complications either time. Just ready for Madelyn to be here 🙂

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of 40 weeks last time and 40 weeks this time: I was HUGE with Jasen. HUGE.


39 Weeks


Weeks: 39…I’ve reached the point where each time I open my pregnancy app, it asks me if I’ve delivered and whether or not I had a boy or a girl.

Baby: Baby is roughly the size of a small pumpkin, weighing in anywhere from 6-9 pounds and measuring 19-22 inches.

Total weight gain: 44 pounds as of my appointment this morning…but it was a student nurse who did my weight, and I don’t think she did a very good job 😉

Maternity clothes? Yes, but those are really uncomfortable, so avoiding them as much as possible. Ready to wear “real” clothes again.                                

Stretch marks? Yes yes yes

Sleep: Pretty good. Enjoying it while it lasts 🙂

Favorite moment of the week: Well, I’m really glad the early nights are here. I seriously love this time of year. I’m also really glad that Jasen adjusted very well to the time change. He usually wakes up every day somewhere between 7-7:30, but on Sunday, he slept an EXTRA TWO HOURS, waking up at 8:00 (really 9:00 with the time change).

Miss anything? My old body. haha. But really, I’m ready to take the time after having Madelyn to lose some weight and get back to “normal”…whatever the new version of that this go around will be.

Movement: Yep, although I definitely think she’s running out of room. Movements are a little slower and progressive nowadays.

Cravings? Well….they do have the white fudge covered limited edition Oreos in store for the holidays, so I suppose that qualifies.

Anything make you queasy or sick? No, but I’ve been waking up really hungry. I feel like I’ve been more hungry this last week, and when I’m hungry, I always feel like I could get sick.

Gender prediction: Girl. Y’all, I can’t tell you how excited I am for bows 🙂 I was going to try one on Jasen the other night and he kept running away saying “no no no!” 🙂

Labor signs: Lots of contractions, but not very consistent. Painful occasionally. It’s only a matter of time.                                                                                                                

Symptoms: Everything in the book, I guess. I remember heartburn being way worse with Jasen, so that is something I’ve noticed to be very different this time.  

Belly button in or out? Out, which you can kinda tell in my picture for this week.

Wedding rings on or off? Mostly off now, but I’m not as worried about them going back on after this pregnancy is over. I have a feeling that’ll happen with ease after a week or two. 

Mood: Pretty great this past week.

Looking forward to: Having Madelyn. I’ve gotten to have lots of new baby snuggles this last week, as well as seeing our friends Sean and Colleen bring their baby to church for the first time on Sunday. When I see how small they are and think about getting to snuggle my own in just a few short weeks, that has me really excited 🙂

Freak-out moment of the weekI don’t really know that I’ve had one this week.

Thankful for: Progress. We went in for the 39 week check up today and I’ve made quite a bit of progress which is great! I went into labor on my own with Jasen, and I just want to speak to my water and make it break again! Fully believing it will 🙂 We’re ready whenever she is.